Peugeot’s Raucous 308 GTI Headed For Goodwood Festival of Speed Debut
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Just how you get 268bhp out of a pathetic sounding 1.6-litre engine is beyond our definition of understanding the world around us. But that’s what Peugeot have done with the 308 GTi. Move over Seat Leon Cupra, goodbye Ford Focus ST and hello Goodwood Festival of Speed 2015.  Peugeot will be debuting the 308 GTi at the said festival, which we haven’t been invited to. The 308 GTi is capable of hitting 0-62mph in 6.0 seconds, which is fast for a hot hatch. Peugeot-308-GTi-Interior-Seats Peugeot will also offer a less potent entry level version which offers a ‘mere’ 247bhp and is 0.2 seconds slower, but power is everything and paying extra for 0.2 seconds should be worth it. Ahem. More concerning though is the boast that is being made, do you really care if your 308 GTi has claimed best in class economy figures of 47mpg? No you should not. Because power is everything. Peugeot-308-GTi-Interior-Profile The 308 GTi is the brain child of Peugeot Sport so that means a manual six speed gearbox, a lowered ride height by 11mm, a rear torsion beam suspension that is significantly stiffer and much firmer spring rates. And it doesn’t end there, Peugeot Sport have increased the camber on the wheels, the front and rear track are widened and the electric steering has been re-calibrated to ‘fuse’ with the new differential in an attempt to eliminate any front-wheel-drive torque steer. Oh and don’t forget bigger brakes, all that speed will need more stopping power. Peugeot-308-GTi-Interior You would think Peugeot would add a more aggressive look, but they have gone a bit ‘Audi’ that is to say they have made the 308 GTi look a bit ‘quiet’. Both versions of the 308 GTi will make their debuts at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, a show that we haven’t been invited to, after which the 308 GTi will go on sale in the UK by September with prices expected to start at £26k for the entry level 247bhp version and £28k for the raucous version. If you want to attend “the show that we haven’t been invited to” then be sure to make your way down to Goodwood on June 25th.  Peugeot-308-GTi-Interior-Front
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