Aston Martin Confirm The Existence of The DB11 And its Coming in 2016
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The DB9 and its various spin 0ff’s have had a long run in the supercar world, 12 years after its launch the DB11 will finally replace what many regard is an ageing supercar. There will be no DB10, that was a one-off bespoke model made specifically for the James Bond movie, Spectre. And anyway all like the DB7 and DB9 before it the DB11, when it arrives next year, will stick to the the uneven number naming convention tradition. No exterior visual of the DB11 has been released except for the logo design. Aston Martin have not revealed any technical or engineering details as of yet, but its common knowledge that Mercedes will be supplying engines and electronics. Aston will supply the style. Aston could also source next generation hybrid technology from Mercedes, will the DB11 feature a full electric powerplant? That would be a kick in the teeth for purists. The 2016 DB11 will sit at the heart of the luxury British brand’s range and represents the first major product of the company’s bold Second Century Plan. Aston Martin have been treading water in recent years, the last of the fully independent luxury supercar manufactures is facing fierce competition from Ferrari and new boys McLaren Automotive. Aston’s sales are steady but down from a number of years ago. A new generation of core models is desperately needed. But the DB9 is like vintage wine, it gets better with age and is still able to compete in terms of its handling even though the latest breed of supercars now generate more power than ever before. What Aston Martin has on its side is that badge and style, the DB9 still looks as good today as it did when it was first revealed in 2004.  Aston-Martin-DB11-Logo-Design
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