Vantage Gold Porsche Cayenne Turbo Targets YouTube Channel Partners
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You might be a YouTube superstar channel partner raking in the millions, you might even be a creator of a smartphone app raking in the millions from its success. This means you have plenty of cash to splash and what better way than to buy the apple of your eye, a Porsche Cayenne. Because you are a success then perhaps you have the option to go down the customisation route and of course you don’t mind paying a hefty premium. The Vantage Gold Porsche Cayenne Turbo created by Top Car targets YouTube Channel Partners   Top Car are a bespoke auto/tuners company from Russia and are responsible for creating the new body kit turning the frumpy looking Cayenne into an angry looking mega-death surely to be driven by a successful YouTube channel partner. Porsche-Cayenne-Vantage-Gold-Profile The carbon fiber body kit includes a newly designed bonnet (hood), front and rear spoilers, side skirts, rear diffuser and custom 22 inch alloy wheels. You can get any paint finish you can think of, this being Russia Gold with black trim highlights is the standard colour for in your face millionaires who want to shout about their wealth while being out of view thanks to the blacked out windows. Porsche-Cayenne-Vantage-Gold-Rear Top Car increased the power output of the Cayenne’s 4.8-litre, V8 bi-turbo engine with an extra 80 PS on offer bringing the total power output to 600 PS.  How fast from 0-62mph? Top Speed? Not known but a standard Cayenne Turbo can sing its own praises in 4.5 seconds and 173mph respectively. So how much do you have to pay for all this individualisation? Around £142,000 GBp.  Porsche-Cayenne-Vantage-Gold-Front
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