Volkswagen Sting Stung All Of Us
Worst Car of the Week
I’m not one for beating on someone when they are down. In a bare knuckle Ronnie Pickering fight I wouldn’t punch someone with their back turned, I wouldn’t kick someone if they were on the ground. You see I wouldn’t even get into a fight at all. No  sir. In the face of danger I do not look danger in the face, I turn and run as fast as possible in the other direction. You see I am a coward. If only Volkswagen had my mentality, when ever you see danger cower in a corner VW. It could be argued, indeed many analysts and former VW sycophants have argued that VW had no fear when it conspired to cheat the emissions laws by deceiving the regulators. VW have the best minds in the business, armed with PHD’s, doctorates and engineering know-how ze-Germans, in order to meet and often exceed tough emissions targets were able to so with out ever breaking into a sweat, everybody else wondered how they did it. Now we all know, it was simple deception, a con, like in that movie “The Sting” with Paul Newman and Robert Redford, who played two smooth-talking,  poker playing, card shark drifters. That’s right VW played poker with all of us and they won… in the short term. The long term? who know’s what might happen but we now know VW cars with EU5 engines caused more pollution than a bunch of power stations combined. We are all a lot less healthier, VW a lot more wealthier (for the time being) thanks to this extra pollution. As a result of VW’s cheating the world is warming up, the polar bears are starving to death and the Ozone layer is getting bigger not to mention the deforestation of the Amazon which is happening at an alarming rate. All of this is VW’s and its sister brands fault. Volkswagen, masters of the automotive universe and of intellectual and common law deception, we all trusted you man and you let us down brother… You are also the worst CARS of the week.  VW-The-Sting
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