BBC To Skip On Christmas Turkey And Show Best of Top Gear
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The BBC were right to give Jeremy Clarkson the ‘elbow’ after all you can’t have your main star behaving like a banana eating Orang-utan on LSD who punches the lights out of a member of the Top Gear production crew. The watching public is quick to forgive and have seemingly forgiven Clarkson for his fracas moment of madness. Despite Clarkson being sacked from his role as Top Gear host the BBC is still showing repeats of Top Gear on its terrestrial and digital channels. So that begs the question why did the BBC sack Clarkson? As we all know Top Gear’s ‘Gunga Dins’, Hammond and May, decided to follow Clarkson out of the Top Gear studio’s. The trio were quickly enveloped with a lucrative offer’s to make a rival car show. The producer who was on the receiving end of Clarkson’s racism and punch will also be following Clarkson soon enough, all the way to the courts. The Producer will be suing Clarkson over the incident. Ultimately the trio chose to make program’s for Amazon’s instant streaming digital video service, Amazon Prime. Amazon paid a hefty multi million dollar deal to sign the trio. Some say its around $80m we says its more like $190m. That’s millions. Meanwhile in order to cash in on Clarkson’s residual popularity the BBC has announced it will be showing a two part Top Gear special over the Christmas period. “Top Gear: From A to Z” is essentially a repeat show packaged into a segmented format showing highlights of the best bits from Top Gear over the 12 years when Clarkson, Hammond and May were at the helm. Its a little bit sad to see but at least you get a chance to watch all three presenters gradually getting older. This reporter will not be doing Christmas in Blighty, I will be in the Bahamas…. I will be stacking shelfs in Morrisons… Every little helps.  Clarkson-Hammond-May-Top-Gear
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