One Day Laser Technology Could Power Cars
Well actually it may or may not be true, laser technology could or could not become the main source for powering cars in the distant future. However scientists may well be a tiny, tiny fraction of a millimetre closer to doing so. Researchers at UK based Imperial College London have produced a laser capable of heating an object too 10 million degrees. Albeit for a fraction of a second. The researchers haven’t actually conducted any physical experiments, the heating happened on a sheet of paper or presumably an iPad. In other words these researchers have created a theoretical methodology and if proven to work it could form the basis for a new generation of fusion technology. The theoretical process is based on a molecular level, were talking electrons and ions here, whereby lasers are used to heat objects. Lasers have been used to heat objects before but the process takes time. These lasers excite the electrons first which then causes the ions react, kind of like a 3-dimensional domino effect. This we are told is an inefficient methodology. The new theory proposes to heat the ions first with the laser and in doing so could, in theory, superheat the object. The researchers singled out a specific group of plastics and when the laser is aimed at this material an electrostatic shockwave is caused which directly engages the ions. There is only one problem, you need to develop a high-powered laser first. So lets say scientists get the theory to work, in theory you could see for the sake of an example, a future BMW 5 Series being powered by heat generated by a laser being aimed at a plastic material. A fusion-hybrid engine. Scientists create a lot of theories and prestigious Universities like Imperial College London survive on lucrative corporate grants for developing next generation technology. It helps bring in the cash. What better way then to future proof the future by developing next generation theoretical methodologies that will aid the construction of the next generation of English debating society campuses. Just say’in, init.  Laser-Powered-Engines
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