Fantasy Alfa Romeo Giulia Coupe Concept Is One For The Fans
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This is the Alfa Romeo Giulia Coupe, its a rendering a concept if you will and it will never be made. Why? because it is a fan rendering and fan renderings are part reality part fantasy. Notice the rather large wheels, looks great on the concept but in the real world it would be far to impractical. Alfa Romeo are getting back into the premium saloon game, but in Europe the saloon segment (sedan) is on the wane as consumers opt for SUVs of all shapes and sizes. In fact last year the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E Class saw demand drop, this may well be due to new models being launched in 2016. The 5 Series and E Class are what people aspire to buy when it comes to the saloon game, but will the Giulia be a game changer for Alfa Romeo? We would like the Giulia to be a happy story for Alfa as the company makes a determined effort to relaunch its brand and are targeting American to be its gold rush market. Alfa has the history and heritage to beat its rivals to the ground, but Alfa does accidentally beat its self down from time to time. For consumers its all about what you offer now and history and heritage alone won’t help Alfa. This fan fantasy rendering doesn’t take in account that Alfa Romeo is in fact on borrowed time and could end up like Saab. But we like creativity and we like this coupe.  Alfa-Romeo-Coupe
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