The Burnout Maestroes That Talent Forgot
It has been said that everyone likes a good burnout. If you want to spend more money than your worth on disintegrating tyres for a 10 second round of applause and short lived gratitude from a crowd of semi drunk bystanders then you have found your true calling in life brother, sweet baby Jesus, Hallelujah. YouTuber Flinty460 spends his weekends filming his fellow American’s trying to out out burn the Burnout kings. Some fail, others fail spectacularly. This is America, the land of the free and if you work hard then you can Burnout among the best of them. If you fail you’re heading across the border too Mexico to live out your life as an illegal immigrant and teach those Mexicans what it really feels like to be on the receiving end.  Talentless-Burnout-Maestros-2016
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