Vettel Blames Mercedes Dominance For Making F1 Boring
Formula One
Sebastian Vettel has blamed Mercedes F1 for turning fans away from the sport believing Formula One lacks the excitement when one team dominates for so long. Vettel also cited complex rules as another factor for putting off fans from watching or participating at events. Clearly Vettel has forgotten about the utter dominance he enjoyed when he won 4 drivers titles in a row with Red Bull. During a Q&A on his website Vettel said “The dominance of Mercedes over the past two years took away a lot of excitement for many fans.” Vettel joined Ferrari in 2015 after experiencing two barren years in a row with Red Bull. Ferrari seemed revitalised under Vettel’s leadership and the combination conjured up three wins. Vettel also added “The car plays a key role today and in the past, but we should not lose that in the complicated regulations.” Vettel remained coy on whether Ferrari will challenge Mercedes this year saying the 2016 car is still work in progress and “not yet strong enough”. “It is no secret that we are not still there where we want to be, and that there are things we need to improve,” continued Vettel. The 2017 season will usher in a new set of rules that are intended to make F1 cars look more aggressive, make them sound louder and go faster. The sport always makes these so called “sweeping changes” in truth it’s pantomime marketing, a fan alert if you will. But in the end one team will always find a way to dominate until a new set of “sweeping changes” are required to level the playing field.  Sebastian-Vettel-Angry-Face
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