Audi Creates Bespoke Extension For The A8
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If you can afford to fly first class across the globe then you have made it, you are a success and if you can’t stand public transport and are still able to fly first class then you are a pompous oaf. But seriously we get why you wouldn’t want travel by public transport. After all there is nothing but filth, the grim, people sniffing, sneezing and vomiting. Audi may well have the answer for you to permanently avoid using public transport with a one-off six seater limousine based on the A8. Or as normal people would say, it’s a stretched out and much longer Audi A8. Audi-A8-L-Extended-Rear And it is much longer, 6.36-meters of A8 luxury. It took Audi almost a year to develop and build this ‘exaggerated’ luxury limousine. Audi-A8-L-Extended-Rear-Interior The major challenges concerned the safety and rigidity of the extra-large body, as well as the styling of the silhouette. The Audi A8 L extended benefits from the low weight of the production model’s body, which uses an Audi Space Frame design and is made almost entirely from aluminium. Audi-A8-L-Extended-Interior-Infortainment For the built-to-order version the engineers extended the side sills and centre tunnel using extruded aluminium sections. Inside the tunnel, these also assist with the air routing. A double rear bulkhead separates the passenger compartment from the luggage compartment. Audi-A8-L-Extended-Profile The roof incorporates additional aluminium profiled tubes and cross-braces. These measures provide torsional and flexural rigidity almost on a par with the A8 L. Audi-A8-L-Extended-Front-Interior The one-off A8 L is powered by a 3.0 TFSI engine developing 310 PS, delivering up to 440 Nm (324.5 lb‑ft) of torque. Performance stats really don’t matter, OK they do, the 0 to 62 mph dash takes 7.1 seconds and it has an electronically governed top speed of 155 mph. Audi-A8-L-Extended-Left-Front An eight-speed tiptronic transfers engine power to the quattro permanent all-wheel drive system. You don’t own such a car to drive it, you are driven. Passengers are faced with the laborious task of sitting in a pure luxury interior and have to sweat over an array of toys and gadgets. But Audi has yet to put a street value on the A8 L just yet. Lets just say it’s going to be expensive. If Audi had released this on April 1st honestly we would have thought it were some kind of joke. But it isn’t.  Audi-A8-L-Extended-Right-Front
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