Homer Simpson Buys A New Morgan 3 Wheeler

We don’t know how Homer Simpson managed to purchase a Morgan 3 Wheeler, after all how can a Nuclear Safety Inspector afford a hand-built English import. Factor in the import and tax duties and we’re talking about a car that could cost up to $50,000 USD.

Anything can happen in a cartoon world such as a guest appearance by car-nut-king Jay Leno. Leno was a stand-up comedian long before The Simpsons aired. He went on to host a talk show and after many, many years raked in millions.

These millions have enabled Leno to build up an eclectic car collection, from modern Hypercars to… well whatever takes his fancy.

But that doesn’t account for how Simpson can afford a Morgan 3 Wheeler, and in this Simpsons episode promo cartoon, Leno happens to notice Homer’s new toy.

The short clip shows Leno ask Homer if the Morgan is for sale. You can watch the full episode by illegally streaming it somewhere on the internet.

The Morgan 3 Wheeler costs about £28k GBP and is powered by a S&S 1983cc V twin which has a displacement of 82bhp and 140Nm of torque.

Top speed is rated at 115mph while the 0-62mph takes 6 seconds in a car that weighs 525kg.

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