This Heroic Save Rescues Audi R8 From Terminal Oblivion… Or Did It?

It seems the owner of this Audi R8 either used his skill or his skills were underwritten by the sheer amount of electronic trickery modern-day supercars are loaded with. It appears the driver of the R8 approached a downhill bend too fast, lost his braking zone and skidded off track.

The off-road moment happened at Germany’s  Nurburgring a track open to the public which has minimal runoff areas and plenty of armco-barriers. The Nurburgring requires fear and respect.

If you show no fear have minimum respect then the Nurburgring will eat you up and that was very nearly the case for this R8 owner.

As he slid off the track he managed to capture the slide and somehow avoided the armco barriers. Rejoining the the track the R8 is seen breaking loose at the rear again.

As the R8 goes out of view you can hear a thud of metal on metal. We will never know if he ended up hitting the armco-barrier on the opposite side of the track, it seems probable.

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