Mercedes Will Never Make This Maybach Coupe Concept
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Who said the Maybach brand was dead? Mercedes did, they quietly killed off the manufacturing side of the ultra-luxury car business a few years ago because of poor sales. You see the Germans can not do ultra-luxury as well as the Brits. The Germans will never better Rolls Royce or Bentley, instead they prefer to own these super luxury British car brands and build them into the success stories they are today. Mercedes don’t own a super-luxury car brand, they may end up owning Aston Martin one day, but for now the Maybach entity survives only as a sub-brand-badge. For example the Mercedes-Maybach 600L is just a stretched S Class with a slightly different rear design. But it’s still an S Class, same interior, more legroom. But Mercedes still has delusions of taking on the ultra-luxury car brands and this is where the latest Maybach comes into view, literally. The Maybach Coupe Concept is a delusional look back into the past, details are thin on the ground but expect a V12 powerplant or possibly V12 Hybrid of some type. The Maybach Coupe Concept is expected to be revealed in full at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance later this month on August 21st. Concepts are design to cause a blaze of publicity and raise awareness of a brand, they have become a marketing tool in which to generate a buzz of publicity. Mercedes are considered a premium-luxury brand but in reality they are now mass volume manufacture. Therefore Mercedes are only concerned about selling more cars, doing so boosts net profits and makes shareholders happier. Making a one-of-kind Maybach will never happen because Mercedes will loose money and they don’t want to relive the days of the slow selling Maybach… but you never know.  Mercedes-Maybach-Coupe-Concept
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