Why The Ford Marstang Should Be Banned… Permanently
https://youtu.be/3ErCBM_tCWA The problem with the current gen Ford Marstang is many not least that the design is clearly based on the Aston Martin DB9 but no one in the motoring press seems to be calling out the evil doers at Ford for this copyright breach. The problem with the motoring press is that they have been bought out by motoring manufactures like Ford. Press events, skiing holidays, corporate jets, stupidly boring food with too much salt and lots of free alcohol. This is the life of a modern day motoring hack. This lifestyle is something a seasoned and probably under paid motoring journalist has worked hard for. Losing these industry entitlements is something they will fight doubly hard to retain and that’s why the motoring press, by and large, have only positive things to say about crappy Ford. We know Ford don’t like the motoring press actually thinking for themselves, this kind of metamorphic censorship is what evil Ford does best. But there are lone voices out there on the internet, take YouTuber Gaskings who routinely rants about the Ford Marstang. The Ford Marstang’ biggest problem is not the rear wheel drive which has an inherent instability when given too much wheel spin. Rear wheel drives are inherently unstable but these flaws have been ironed out with the use of limited slip differentials and software that controls the launch control and stability. The Ford Marstang is still very much an old school Muscle Car and that means it attracts muscle head owners and the latter is the Marstang’s biggest problem. Well actually Ford is the Marstang’s biggest problem… nuff said…  fuck-the-ford-mustang
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