The Best Bikes Britain Has To Offer

I always like to say that riding is hereditary. My father used to spend all afternoon riding around Milan in his younger days. Annoying the neighbours with his loud pipes and trying to steal glances from pretty Italian girls. He was attached to that bike and everyone knew it. My dad didn’t have much money but when he was riding he’d smile as big as the sun. It’s all he ever needed.

It’s safe to say that dad’s genes are alive and well.

While I’m not much of a street rider I never feel more alive or free than when I’m out on a trail tearing it up. I know where my passion comes from and I try to always keep my father in mind when I’m out there. Now I’m as American that they come put the love of my hobby originated in Europe so I try to ride European bikes as much as possible. Just a side note, if you are looking to sell your bike make sure to go with the dealer who has good online reputation.

Off road: UK Style


Finding a capable dirt bike with parts out of the UK is tough. My brothers from across the pond are incredible bike builders but it seems their best work is often lost in the hype of Japanese and American builds. With that in mind I’d like to show you some British bikes that are truly top quality.

The first British off roader I tried was a starter bike from British Customs. Since then the company has become a powerhouse in England and my favourite manufacturer. Their debut of the recently announced Triumph Scrambler is a testament of their talent and creativity.

The Triumph Scrambler is a modification of the original Scrambler, creating a dual sport bike that functions on both dirth and asphalt. The low pro headlight gives the bike a stylish front end. Continental TCXII 80 tires allows the rider to grip the dirt as well as any top of the line motocross bike. The fender unit is mounted higher than the stock giving the bike a cool retro feel.

Europe shows its muscle


The second bike I’d like to talk about is the Norton Dominator. While most people think Harley Davidson when talking about bikes with attitude, Norton flashes a combination of power and style that would make Harley Blush. The Dominator is their Magnum Opus. A flash of cool steel that triggers images of Steve McQueen and James Bond.

The parallel twin engine that was developed in house out at 6500 RPM and has all the juice you need on the freeway or the private track. The titanium grey coat with pin stripe finish is stylish and elegant. The console looks like something that you’d find on a modern day submarine and includes a push to start button. The 5 speed constant mesh is as well built as any in the industry.

 My Style Defined


Personally I preferred the Scrambler Over the Dominator. The Retro look really puts it over the top and it’s so well versed on either street or dirt that I can get lost on it for months at a time as my wife will tell you. One thing is for sure, when I’m on it I feel like my dad is smiling and that’s reason enough to go out for a ride.

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