VW May Be As Bad As Donald Trump But They Know How To Make Good Ads
Volkswagen have been in the line of fire lately and for good reason lets just say they lied and cheated to fool emissions regulators in America and indeed across the world. Now that Donald Trump has been voted in as the 44th or should that be 45th US President (because Grover Cleveland was elected for two nonconsecutive terms) A Donald Trump America could be less forgiving. A Donald Trump presidency would most likely call on the pitch forkers to make VW pay for what they have done. And then let the lawyers go in for the killer blow. But lets remember the good VW have done, the freedom they have provided for people across the world since they were rescued by the British during a difficult period in the first half of the 20th Century. With the new VW Golf being launched soon we decided to tread a path that has been crossed many times before. That 2005 VW Golf ad featuring a remix of the 1950’s musical Singin’ In The Rain. In the early 20th Century Musicals were prime time entertainment during the post war years and Singin’ In the Rain was a lighthearted depiction of a 1930’s Hollywood directed, choreographed and starring Gene Kelly. Although a modest hit when it was released in 1952 it went on to become a classic. The song, which was a cover of the 1929 original, and the dance scene went on to become the signature hallmark of the film. The scene featuring Kelly was been recreated and mimicked many times before VW brought it up to contemporary audiences’ tastes with a one minute remix of the soundtrack and dance sequence by using CGI to make Kelly appear to be bustin’ modern dance moves that he didn’t during the quaint original. The advertising agency behind the idea, Stink Productions, approached Choreographer Supple Nam to reboot the dance moves for the commercial. Electro Pop group, Mint Royale, from Manchester, England remixed the classic Singin’ In The Rain song featured in the 1952 movie. What you have is one of the great car ads of the 21st Century. And it took the Germans to do it. How times have changed. So how will VW approach the launch of yet another new VW Golf over 10 years later? A Mary Poppins reboot perhaps? Lets just hope they don’t reboot Glee for the next Golf commercial, Scooby Do would be a safer bet.  vw-golf-2016-singin-in-the-rain-dailycarblog
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