Tesla Model Y Reveiw By Carwow's Mat Watson - Dailycarblog
Mat Watson Uses Peripheral Vision To Review The Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Model Y, according to Carwow’s Mat Watson, looks like a Model 3 that has been vertically stretched in Photoshop. The Model Y is Tesla’s compact SUV, and is partially based on a Model 3. Ergo, the electric powertrain and interior is basically a copy/paste of the Model 3. The main benefit of the Model Y is that you get more interior space. A lot more than the Model 3.

And Mat Watson soon discovers that the rear passenger space is also generous despite the sloping roofline. The Tesla Model Y is available to order in the UK now. Prices start at a whopping £55K, yes that’s £55,000 for the ‘entry level’ Long Range and £65K for the Performance version.

The mileage for the 384bhp Model Y Long Range is estimated to be 315 miles and the 450hp Performance offers around 298 miles of range. Top tip! It’s always best to take OEM range stats with a pinch of salt and a glug of Vodka. But never drink and drive!

 Tesla Model Y Reveiw By Carwow's Mat Watson - Dailycarblog
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