2019 Ford GT Driven Daily Car Blog
The 2019 Ford GT vs The 2006 Ford GT

The 2019 Ford GT is the best thing Ford has ever done, and so was the original GT40. However, Vehicle Virgins YouTube man decided to ask the question that every person on planet earth is asking, what is it like to compare the 2019 Ford GT vs the 2006 Ford GT. Let us use an abstract comparison, you should always use the latest Windows operating system because it’s going to be better than before. New is always better, faster, better.

And we can imagine a new generation 2019 Ford GT will be a whole lot better than the previous generation. It really is a choice between using an old Windows operating system vs the latest version. But what does Vehicle Virgins YouTube man think, watch the video to find out?

2019 Ford GT Driven Daily Car Blog
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