Lord Thrillbilly Has Bought Himself A McLaren 540C

This is why we really regret not opening a YouTube channel of some value… any value. Well OK you need personality, which we don’t have. Good grammar and communication skills… which we don’t have. To make it on YouTube you just need to have that something extra… which we don’t have.

Sam Michael David Fane has what we don’t have… A McLaren 540C. And whatever we think about Lord Thrillbilly’s fake and calculated passion for cars we can not begrudge success.

The 540C is the entry model into the McLaren road-going range, think of it as a detuned 570S. Lord Thrillbilly says he is no millionaire yet he is still able to afford a £145k McLaren.

However he is financing his car buying urges one must assume his YouTube channel is generating enough money to cover the running costs of owning such a car.

But how he is financing a £145k car doesn’t really matter, Lord Thrillbilly gives us plenty of ammunition to keep throwing Molotov cocktails in his direction. That’s what YouTube was built for, Trolling.

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