DriveTribe, The Facebook For Cars, Will Eventually Kill The Daily Car Blog
DriveTribe, the offshoot of The Grand Tour, is the social network for all things automotive, it’s like the Facebook for petrol-heads/gear-heads and was setup by former Top Gear outcasts Clarkson, May and Hammond. Drivetribe didn’t cost $100 dollars to setup it is a serious investment that cost a combined £12 million GBP to establish. The main selling point of Drivetribe is Clarkson, Hammond and May all three of whom are co-investors and all three of whom draw members like flies to dead meat. DriveTribe is anything but dead meat it is a thriving social media platform. The content is user generated in addition to editorials written by professional hacks who work for DriveTribe. Anyone can register, join and start their own content channel by becoming a member and creating a ‘Tribe’. Online user generated content democratises the shared experience and initially DCB was built around this underlying strategy. DriveTribe’s enriched algorithms and a publicity campaign have enabled it to become the top dog in a world full of Top Gear imitators. DriveTribe has gone from 0-to something what social media planners call ‘influencers’ and has quickly established itself as the place to go for gearheads the world over. Hammond-DriveTribe-Kill Everything on the web is going social-media because that’s where the money is. And we here at DCB Towers simply can not compete with the level of investment Drivetribe and similar websites like it have. Quiet frankly social media is redefining how the web will work and how it will be built for now and in the future. So dailycarblog.com as a blog will eventually die… why? It’s simple really, it’s all about the survival of the fittest and those species of websites willing to adapt to changes will obviously survive. Well, we don’t want to be part of a ‘tribe’ or confine ourselves to social media hub because you loose a bit of identity even though the gradual exposure will be financially beneficial. We prefer independence. That’s what the web was all about right? The problem with this strategy and for us is that dailycarblog.com will become irrelevant and eventually cease to exist as sure as the sun will go supernova billions of years from now. That is our fate, not a spectacular supernova but the lights will eventually flicker out and if that is the case then so be it. We can live that. It was a good ride.    Hammond-DriveTribe-Kill-Main
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