Is This The New Very British Rolls Royce Phantom VIII?
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Yes, it is or rather it’s a teaser shot of the all new very British Rolls Royce Phantom (VIII) to coincide with an Exhibition of “The Great Eight Phantoms” to be held at Bonhams in Mayfair, London on July 27 where very British Rolls Royce is also expected to  officially reveal the all new Phantom VIII. OK so we got a bit of the promotion out the way, free promotion, and very British Rolls Royce have expertly used the exhibition as a means to release said teaser image of the next decade of greatness to come. There may well be a reason why very British Rolls Royce has revealed a teaser image, 2 days prior purported images of the Phantom VIII were leaked on line. Any leak requires the flow of information to be stemmed. Very-British-Rolls-Royce-Phantom-VIII-Leak-Front Very British Rolls Royce really can’t do much other than releasing a teaser image or just reveal in full ahead of the planned official reveal event. The leaked images show a slightly slimmer looking Phantom VIII, an evolution of the Phantom VII what we do know is that the next generation of very British Rolls Royce cars will be lighter. They will also be cleaner and of course just as luxurious as models from eras gone if not more so. We also know autonomous tech will eventually factor into the equation as well as electric and hybrid derivatives. Very-British-Rolls-Royce-Phantom-VIII-Leak-Side The very British Rolls Royce Phantom VIII marks the very top end of luxury car ownership, no other manufacturer comes close to matching a modern very British Rolls Royce for sheer opulence and ride comfort. Full details regarding price and specification will be revealed at the exhibition on 27 July. We usually get invites but have fallen out with the very British Rolls Royce PR department we just can’t backslap or suck up very well. James, why? why? we’ll never understand… YOU!  Very-British-Rolls-Royce-Phantom-VIII-Carcela-dailycarblog
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