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Lexus ES Widebody Concept is The Taliban of Extreme Widebodies
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The Taliban was created by the CIA, secret state-sponsored agents working on behalf of the United States. Their mission was to engage in a proxy war with Russian forces who invaded and occupied Afghanistan to shore up a pro-Russia government. Taliban means Student. I reckon the Taliban look, with their greasy, often unkept, long hair and neatly trimmed beards were inspired by George Harrison’s drug-fueled hippy look from the early 1970’s. The Taliban’s aim, its theory was to return Afghanistan to the “original” tenants of Islam. Over thousands of years, Afghanistan was home for numerous transient cultures and religions.

Theologians can not find the meaning of what “original” Islam means. The Islamic faith was and always will be progressive and open. Early Islamic scientists studied the stars before civilization began to awaken in Europe. They took ancient Greek scriptures on medicine and science to inform and evolve knowledge, knowledge that was dismissed as early Christian influence took hold of Western Europe.

Lexus ES Widebody Concept by Sugardesign_1 - Side - Daily Car Blog

Islamic scholars shared this forgotten knowledge as science re-established itself in Europe. Fast forward a few hundred years and we have the iPhone, supercomputers, radar-guided missiles, and… the Taliban. The Taliban interpret Islam to its extremes, in the same manner Michael Masi interprets F1 rules to the extremes of common sense and logic.

Lexus ES Widebody Concept by Sugardesign_1 - Hero 2 - Daily Car Blog

So… you may be thinking to yourself, what the hell is this article about? We are admittedly word-filling because it is a slow news day.  We’re talking about extreme interpretations. And automotive concept designer, Sugardesign_1 has his own extreme ideology on the theory of widebody cars.

Lexus ES Widebody Concept by Sugardesign_1 - Rear - Daily Car Blog

Here we feast our eyes upon the Lexus ES sedan widebody concept, by Sugardesign_1. The Lexus ES, on its own merit is, ordinarily an uninspiring if reliable way to travel. Here’s the oxymoron about premium reliable cars.

People don’t want reliable premium cars, they would much rather have an unreliable BMW or Mercedes. The poor old Lexus is often dismissed as a talk to the hand, not to the face kind-of brand. But what if Toyota decided it should have an OEM widebody look as standard?

Anyway, we’re not here to propagate extreme automotive styling theory. Nevertheless, Sugardesign_1 has certainly opened the debate with his extreme Lexus ES widebody concept. This is the Taliban of widebody concepts.

Taliban Lexus ES Widebody Concept by Sugardesign_1 - Hero - Daily Car Blog
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