Liberty Media To Bernie Ecclestone, Stay Away From F1
Formula One
Getting media accreditation from the FIA to attend a F1 race weekend is a difficult process, we know from experience. Retaining media accreditation from the FIA is perhaps even more difficult, we know from experience. So when you are the former owner of the entire F1 show you would think that you have honorary rights, right? Wrong. After spending 40 years building F1 into a billion-dollar revenue generating steam-roller, the new owners, Liberty Media, want the former owner to stay away from race weekends. Liberty Media tried a peaceful measure by offering Ecclestone the title of Chairman Emeritus. Liberty Media CEO, Chase Carey, had a bunch of excuses as Ecclestone revealed during a recent interview. “Chase sent a message to one of the girls in the office to tell me that they haven’t got so many offices at the circuits, only what the race promoter gives them. There are three of them, so the three offices are being used. So basically they don’t want me to come to races.” Ecclestone hasn’t been impressed by Liberty Media’s in-action on implementing change. “They haven’t done anything yet as far as I can see. They said they wouldn’t talk, they would act. They said I talked before doing anything. I didn’t. I got things done quietly.” Said Ecclestone. Ecclestone continued, “All they do is talk. They said they wanted six races in America, for example. If I say I am going to whack someone next time I see them, I’d better bloody well do it.” Ecclestone did feel some sympathy for F1’s new owners and it’s CEO, outlining that change is difficult due to the nature of the beast. But Ecclestone is at least getting the message having “…obliged them” by attending fewer races this season.  Bernie-Ecclestone-Glum-Faced-Loves-Dailycarblog
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