Millbrook Proving Ground Hounded By A High Plains Drifter

Millbrook, Bedfordshire, UK nestled out of site and using the surrounding countryside as cover is a private proving ground used by car manufacturers to benchmark and test vehicles under complete secrecy. You won’t be surprised to know that it’s called Millbrook Proving Ground. It’s where they shot the Alpine scene in James Bond, Casino Royale, where the DBS gets destroyed.

Having driven there many times myself I know every inch of the track, well actually it’s called the “Alpine Route”.

It’s narrow, fast and twisty. Millbrook has a policy of setting a speed limit, but when the circuit is locked out for the day you can go as fast as you like.

The 2015 Formula Drift world champ Fredric Aasbø takes to Millbrook to show off his skills, and it also allows Toyota to keep the GT-86 in the spotlight. This is an ad after all.

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