The Mercedes X-Class Is £27k Worth of Automotive Plastic Surgery
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It’s… a… NEESSAN!… its a god damn Neesan behind that 3-pointed star. The X-Class is quite literally a potential sales driver, a money pot a way to extend sales with minimal effort and who can argue against that particular strategy. Mercedes have finally confirmed UK prices and if you want this anti-Mercedes X-Class you’re going to have to be prepared to pay up £27k for the entry-level X220D 4Matic model. Neesan will also be providing their own diesel power units, we’re so disgusted by this revelation that we can’t even bring ourselves to detail such a provocation. We really do hope this Neesan-Renault-Mercedes alliance ends in failure. Mercedes-X-Class-Plastic-Surgery Why? because Mercedes can do better than this fudge re-wrapped in toilet paper. Indeed we are so outraged by this money-spinning, brand ruining alliance that we have to end this post with immediate effect. Our advice is to not buy this 3-pointed Frankenstein leave it, it’s got a Renault/Neesan engine up front. If the Mercedes engine doesn’t fail then the Neesan-Renault surely will… because the whole enterprise is already dead on arrival. Premium pickup?… just buy a Ford Raptor and be done with it. Looking at the X-Class is like looking at someone who clearly has had plastic surgery and trying to pretend they haven’t when quite clearly they have.  Mercedes-X-Class-Is-Plastic-Surgery
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