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Research Reveals 55% of UK Drivers Are Thinking About Buying An Electric Car
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Over 55 percent of motorists are considering buying an electric car according to new research commissioned by AX. The study arrives as the accident aftercare specialist launches AX Electric, a new service offering like-for-like replacement vehicles for EV owners following an accident.

The research involving over 2,200 motorists also revealed that currently, only one third of drivers would accept an equivalent petrol or diesel model while their car is being repaired; with two thirds expecting to receive the same EV model for the period their own car is off the road.

AX Electric is the first truly like-for-like replacement vehicle service for EVs, representing the first of a tranche of EV initiatives planned for 2021 as buyer consideration of EVs reaches more than 55 percent.

The new offering is part of a wider investment in EV infrastructure which will support AX’s rapidly growing fleet of electric vehicles. The programme will see AX cease further expansion of its plug-in hybrid vehicle fleet, to focus and align their fleet in support of the huge swing in BEV sales.

The AX Electric service will be available to drivers through dealers, fleet customers, insurers, AX’s broker partners and a direct offering for personal customers

“As well as the new service the company is expanding its fleet of EV vehicles and ise also investing in infrastructure project across various sites. This will enable future customers ensure are fully charged before driving away.

Only a third of survey respondents said they would accept a diesel or petrol replacement for their electric car and AX Electric solves what will soon become a significant challenge in replacement mobility.

Electric Vehicles - The Future - Dailycarblog.com
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