Lewis Hamilton Left Unimpressed With Daniel Ricciardo During F1 Drivers Briefing
This is unique behind the scenes access to the F1 Driver Briefing which is convened before every race during a GP weekend. The Place was Mexico 2017 and the atmosphere was tense as Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo crossed words and threw daggers towards Lewis Hamilton who was left unimpressed as the two argued their respective points face to face… or in this case back to back, or face to back or back to face. Actually, what we have just said is an example of media manipulation, people will believe what they want to believe. What’s even more surprising is that we even consider ourselves to be part of the media. Our rightful place is to exist as a spec of dust, but going back to the main point don’t believe what you read and always question the reliability of what you are being told. This particular meeting was rather boring which is why we deliberately manipulated the story. Kimi Raikkonen’s expressionless faced summed it up perfectly.  F1-GP-Drivers-Meeting-Gets-Tense-Dailycarblog
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