How To Restore A Beaten Up Studebaker Lark Wagonaire…
The Studebaker Corporation was a car company founded in 1853 that originally made horse-drawn wagons for farmers, miners and the military. By 1902 they turned to making electric cars, the reason why electric cars didn’t take off was down to basic economics. Installing an electrified grid to support electric cars was prohibitively expensive compared to gasoline-powered cars. By 1912 Studebaker was making gasoline powered cars, over the next 50 years the company established a reputation for quality and reliability. It was the “Apple Pie” of American car brands. By the 1960’s the company was experiencing slowing sales and increased competition from rivals who made cheaper alternatives. One of the last cars made was the Studebaker Wagonaire (1963-1966), a 4-door station wagon that featured a retractable sliding rear roof section, a defining feature. However the defining feature leaked when it rained, a re-design fixed the issue but by 1967 it was all over, Studebaker production totally ended for good. YouTuber baremetalHW goes about restoring a classic Wagonaire, albeit a toy model, at least the name lives on, long gone but not forgotten.  Studebaker-Wagonaire-Restoration-Dailycarblog
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