Porsche Is Finally Allowing 911 Customers To Drink & Drink
Curiously Porsche is offering 911 customers, and presumably owners, a Martini Racing sticker pack, or as they call it “decorative sticker set”. The Martini Racing brand has been associated with Porsche motorsport for some time, what is a marketing tool to sell alcoholic beverages has become a classic must-have livery that you don’t really need. We say all you will ever need from a Porsche is the total engineering and that unmatched driving experience. However, in our opinion, the adoption of an electronic steering system has dulled the overall feedback but that’s for another post. The Martini Racing Design sticker set is only available for the 911 (991) as far as we know it isn’t available for any other Porsche model. Porsche-Martini-Racing-Motorsport-Decorative-Sticker-Set-Roof-With-A-View-Dailycarblog So how much does the “decorative sticker set cost? we can offer no definitive answer because it’s only available upon request. As we don’t own a real Porsche we really don’t want to use our powers of investigative journalism to find out. At a guesstimate, we reckon Porsche will take about £1,000 out of your digital bank account. You can probably get the sticker set off eBay for like, £120, or just go on Allibaba.com and you’ll find it for, like, £30 including tax and shipping.  Porsche-Martini-Racing-Motorsport-Decorative-Sticker-Set-Dailycarblog
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