Autogefuhl reveiws the 2019 Mercedes G Class with Jersey tucked into pants
2019 Mercedes G Glass Reviewed By Man With Jersey Tucked Into Pants
We don’t know why or how Tomas of Autogeful tucked his Jersey into his pants to review the 2019 Mercedes G Class or why he chose to top it off with a white belt, but that’s how it is and who are we to take on the role of the online fashion Police. Back to the story, Tomas, if that is his real name, reviews the 2019 G Class, Mercedes’ answer to the Range Rover, or should that be the Land Rover Defender. The G Class is a proper off-roader, one of the few off-road vehicles to feature three fully locking differentials. Originally developed for the military, Peugeot built a derivative model, under license, at the request of the French military. Eventually, due to customer demand, Mercedes began selling to retail and now the G Class has become a civilian mode of transport since it was first introduced in 1973. Many iterations later the second-generation G Class is barely changed, the all-new 2019 Mercedes G Class thankfully sticks to old exterior blueprints, but underneath is a fully modernised platform. Mercedes has managed to trim 170kg off the old G-Class, the new generation has 6mm more ground clearance and offers improved performance and efficiency. The new G Class now has front independent suspension although the rear axle remains solid, and of course the adoption of the latest Mercedes powertrains and transmissions. The interior is more luxurious than before featuring the latest fully digital environment. But as good as the interior is we would have preferred a more analog looking interior. Anyways, Tomas along with his distracting Jersey goes into a full hour (and a bit more) of 2019 Mercedes G Class everything.  Autogefuhl reveiws the 2019 Mercedes G Class with Jersey tucked into pants
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