The Backside Exploding 900bhp Toyota Supra
The Americans built the free world, and they are also building insanely powered and highly modified cars that can match europes top dog supercar’s in horsepower stakes. You think 900bhp is hypercar level of power, not in America, these guys take a Toyota Supra and stuff 900bhp thuggery by modifying the hell out of the engine. We always use the vernacular, “modifying the hell” to emphasis the lunatic and delusional  but these guys love doing what they do and they do it too extreme modification levels. The original Toyota Supra was produced between 1978 and 2002, all four generations used a straight-six engine, the mark IV version typically produced  220 hp (164 kW; 223 PS) at 5800 rpm and 210 lb·ft (280 N·m) at 4800 rpm of torque and a twin turbocharged Toyota 2JZ-GTE making 276 hp (206 kW; 280 PS) and 318 lb·ft (431 N·m) of torque was made solely for the Japanese version.  Toyota-900bhp-Thugerry
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