The Xpeng Flying Car Ain't Star Wars
Xpeng’s Flying Car Ain’t Star Wars Level of Reality

Every year, for the past 50-odd years, broadcast media, fascinated by the prospect of flying cars, features a news item about the flying car. The media’s fascination with flying cars has transferred onto the interweb, and the digital multiverse is now affected by this weird virus type-thing. Commercial flying cars will never happen or rather never become mainstream. But that hasn’t deterred China’s Xpeng who have developed a prototype flying car.

It’s technically very interesting but also shows just how impractical, impossible, and unnecessary flying cars are with current technology. Helicopter or drone-like blades are not the future sources of powering such a vehicle. Who knows, someday in the future, an Einsteinian figure will arise, an inventor-genius who creates an anti-gravity/levitating device that requires less power to lift heavy objects in order to make them fly at unbelievable speeds.

This new anti-gravity invention could give rise to flying vehicles traversing the cityscape from above like the sci-fi megacity Coruscant from the Star Wars universe. When we, ergo humanity, get to Coruscant levels of flying vehicles then my attention will be piqued. For now flying car technology is way too primitive.

The Xpeng Flying Car Ain't Star Wars
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