white trash 1230video burnouts
White Trash & Trailer Burnouts, Because You Got Nothin’ Better T’do
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I don’t know why my fellow Anglo Saxons hailing from the America dress like neo-Nazis, what, with their T-shirts, Snapbacks, Oakley wrap-around sunglasses, neatly trimmed beards but this is what it is. This is America 2018. Thankfully1230video isn’t a spin-off neo-nazi channel its just a bunch of guys hollering around jerk-water USA and pulling off burnouts.

Stunts that usually involve cars and performing trailer burnouts because America is the birthplace of burnouts and that’s what you do in somewhere in jerk-water USA. The channel has 2m subscribers and kudos to 1230video for taking the time to record, edit and upload what is highly watchable and pointless video content. If you are inspired to emulate trailer burnouts then we suggest buying a set of spare rear tires, Americans can seemingly afford them at will. And if you are in England thinking this looks like a good idea to replicate on UK roads then don’t even bother. Somehow when we Brits try to replicate Americanised behavior and or fads it looks pathetic, what works in America doesn’t work in Englandshire. So, for example, McDonald’s does not work in Englandshire, trailer burnouts don’t work in Englandshire, The Big Bang Theory doesn’t work in Englandshire, Comic-Con doesn’t work in Englandshire. Everything is better and better in America, (even though the infrastructure is lightly crumbling due to decades of underinvestment). America has wide open vistas, we here in Englandshire have Brexit, and Brian who works in the local call center, who in his spare time buys big America cars that don’t fit on UK roads. Big American cars that don’t fit on UK roads are little like those people who buy suits that are oversized. Brian is totally oblivious to it because his first thought is about looking professional. People like Brian are usually found selling cars in Ford dealerships. So the moral of the story is if you want to be American, loaded with student debt, unable to afford healthcare, food, rent on minimum wage despite working three jobs then live in America, live the American dream for real.  white trash 1230video burnouts
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