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Why Electric Cars Will Make a Real Difference to the Environment
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Uptake of electric cars is set to drastically change the pollution levels in urban areas globally. The air quality will be more breathable and healthier for outdoor activities like walking and cycling. Without using diesel or petrol, vehicles will not be harmful to the environment in city areas. There will also be less damage to building surfaces without the grime from exhausts being emitted on busy roads.

Electric cars are low maintenance compared to petrol/diesel cars. The cost to the car owner is, therefore, lower per year when using an electric car. Electric cars still need to be serviced regularly to ensure that they’re safe and roadworthy. But seeing as how there’s only 1 major moving part in the engine it’s a lot simpler and cheaper to maintain. This will save on cleaning public buildings as often, meaning more tax money available for things that benefit the public more. The reduction in the number of parts also means that there will be less shipping costs to transport parts to garages. Garages will also be able to perform more services per day with electric vehicles than with petrol-engine vehicles. See this link to compare the costs of repairs. One of the outstanding issues with electric cars is that they’re still very expensive to buy. It’s like with any new technology, it goes through different phases of mainstream adoption. As it becomes more commonly demanded the cost of production goes down and it becomes more affordable. The lifecycle of new technologies being adopted by the public falls into the following brackets of consumer: innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority, and laggards. Electric cars, MKBHD Tesla, dailycarblog.com At the moment electric cars are probably still only attractive to the ‘early adopter’ consumers due to their high cost. However, there are still alternatives to drive an electric car without necessarily forking out the full balance. Car leasing, for example, is a good way to obtain new vehicles at a fraction of the overall retail cost. You only pay for the depreciation of the vehicle over the time you use it. Using electricity rather than oil for petrol or diesel will stem the need for oil. As oil is a non-replaceable fossil fuel (not replaceable for millions of years) it will run out in the long-term. New sources for electricity via wind, solar and hydro-power are showing that they can already replace oil and fossil fuels. The new technologies to produce electricity are proving they can deliver what the world needs. So, using electricity to power vehicles will become more important in the future. The Scottish government, for example, has a target of making 100% of electricity production from wind power by 2020. With new technologies, using electricity will be very economical for travel and using vehicles. New technologies in the motor industry have developed far away from the first bubble-type designed electric car. For example, this Aston Martin electric car is a real piece of iconic design. It isn’t only Aston-Martin that have new designs for electric cars. The Nissan ‘Leaf’ has been voted ‘Best Electric Car 2018’ by What Car, and other manufacturers are coming on-board every year. New designs in electric cars are developing all the time and becoming more sophisticated with plenty of comfort and room for the average user. Can you see yourself in one in the near future? Comment and let us know.  Electric cars, Tesla, dailycarblog.com
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