Peter Cullen is the voice of Optimus Prime
Peter Cullen On The Inspiration On How He Found The Voice For Optimus Prime

Peter Cullen IS the voice of Optimus Prime. The veteran Candian is a graduate of the National Theater School of Canada. His early career was spent doing TV shows and of course, lending his voice to radio.

Peter Cullen got his big break after he successfully auditioned for the part of Optimus Prime in the 1980’s animated cartoon, Transformers. The made-for-TV cartoon was a huge worldwide hit. The TV series was developed to sell toys.

Hasbro got the money-spinning idea after seeing how much Geroge Lucas was generating from the Star Wars franchise.

Lucas was given the full rights to Star Wars merchandise by 20th-Century Fox. Lucas would go on to become a multi-billionaire from toy sales alone.

That’s why Transformers was created, to follow a similar business model. However, the animated series was highly addictive watching to kids in the 1980s.

And of course, Transformers merchandise sold out time and time again. However, everything has a shelf life. New toys come along, a new want is created.

Transformers had many TV cartoon adaptations throughout the following decades. And who can forget Optimus Prime being killed off in the 1986 movie?

Cullen explains how he got the part for Optimus Prime, and that he based the voice on his brother.

Peter Cullen is the voice of Optimus Prime
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