Rebecca Jackson, Ford Mondeo Shit Car, Review,
Rebecca Jackson Surprised At Having To Review The Ford Mondeo

Rebecca Jackson seems to be everywhere these days. We’re pretty sure she will end up presenting Countryfile, a hit BBC current affairs program about farming. Rebecca Jackson grew up around cars. Her father was an engineer and car collector. So it seems Jackson picked up the car bug.

Jackson used to own a used car business, once guest presented on Fifth Gear where she was forced to watch paint dry and… she really is into her cars.

Jackson presents everywhere, from Whatcar to fronting her own (we can’t remember) TV show on “bloke TV” digital channel, DAVE.

So fast forward to 2018 and Rebecca Jackson has earned her stripes within the motoring industry.

Admittedly we’re now just trying to fill the column space and word count right now, we have run out of things to say.

We can advise not to buy a Ford vehicle of any make. No one in the DCB office, which is actually a large monkey enclosure, has ever considered buying a Ford.

Our advice to you is don’t buy one either, despite the positivity Jackson affords to what is essentially a lump metal.

Rebecca Jackson, Ford Mondeo Shit Car, Review,
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