8th generation Porsche 911, beyond the sunrise, dailycarblog.com
All New Porsche 911 Is The Same Old Same Old… But In A Good Way
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We like the styling ethos Porsche applies to the 911, it truly is evolutionary and that’s a good characteristic to retain. The 911 doesn’t require over-styling, it will always be a timeless design. However, our criticism is reserved to the steering. Having tested the current generation Porsche 911, I was disappointed about the switch to an electric steering system.

Cars like the Porsche 911 are defined by the steering. The switch from a hydraulic system to an electric steering system has ruined basic handling of the 911. Reviewers never mention this, possibly for fear of losing access to press cars. The new 2020 Porsche 911 (992) will be slightly wider and longer than the 7th generation it will eventually replace. 8th generation Porsche 911, sunrise, dailycarblog.com Under the all-aluminum skin will reside an upgraded, classic flat-six, 3.0-litre turbocharged 385bhp base engine. A 15bhp boost over the current gen. However, Porsche has heavily the revised engine to make it cleaner, offer better driveability and tweaked the power curves. Of course, 2020 911 will be offered with the current and rather vast model range. Nothing new on that confusing front. 8th generation Porsche 911, rear, dailycarblog.com And of course, the 8th gen Porsche 911 will be offered in 2WD or 4WD formats, although there is no word just yet on whether the manual version will be finally killed off. The interior is also an evolution of the current gen 911, although we can’t help but think that the Porsche 911 should have a much simpler, more driver-focused interior. McLaren Automotive makes the best interiors in terms of simplicity, reducing distraction and yet they look way better than the 911. And feel just as luxurious. 8th generation Porsche 911, interior, dailycarblog.com Look at the 911 interior… it’s OK in a Porsche Macan or Boxster but a 911 is supposedly a drivers car so the interior should be simple… Lotus Elise simple. And Porsche, reduce the amount of technology, do you really need night-vision? do you really need thermal imaging? In a 911? A simple interior should be standard in the 911. Simples. 8th generation Porsche 911, dailycarblog.com The rumors suggest Porsche may well be releasing a fully electric version and hybrid variant. That’s technology we can live with. The 20-inch touchscreen with advanced satellite-premonition-technology-flak-missile-detectors should be banned. Anyway, no details on price because it’s always another press release away for a new car announcement. Expect to pay a lot of money when the order books open… in 2020.  
 8th generation Porsche 911, beyond the sunrise, dailycarblog.com
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