Bob, Skoda Karoq review,
When Bob Reviewed The Skoda Karoq

We must admit we don’t know who Bob Flavin is. That is how little time we spend with fellow motoring journalists. He works for, the Dailystar, and he is a freelance motoring hack. Nothing wrong with that. Gotta-make-a-livin’.

Bob reviews the Skoda Karoq, a compact SUV. His YouTube channel has 30k subscribers and earns $49 dollars a month from Patreon.

However, because he works for some top publications he has click-of-the-fingers access many press fleets.

Of the Skoda Karoq, he says “This is a proper, off-roady car”…

Professional award winning advice folks.

And what do we,, a multi-award winning, top quality car blog get access to? Nothing, nada. Well OK… maybe three.

You see we’ve become pirates, persona non-grata within UK automotive journalism.

We just couldn’t help ourselves, folks. We didn’t fit in.

 Bob, Skoda Karoq review,
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