Best hatchbacks of 2018,
Five of The Best Hatchbacks 2019 Will Bring To The Market

What makes hatchbacks so popular? Perhaps their practical and economical nature contribute to their wide appeal. A popular choice as a starter car for families and individuals alike, technology in hatchbacks has advanced in leaps and bounds. 2019 promises to be an exciting year for this category with several releases lined up.

Let’s take a look at five of the best hatchbacks the New Year will bring to the market. Ford Galaxy Best hatchbacks of 2018, Fro, A 7-seater vehicle built for families will receive major upgrades in the latest model starting with a new 2.0-litre EcoBlue diesel engine offered in four tunes. There is an enhanced monitoring system for blind-spots along with the addition of an electric parking brake switch. This model develops upon the past models’ characteristic of being safety heavy by the inclusion of MyKey technology which offers several security features. Honda Jazz Best hatchbacks of 2018, Honda Jazz, A stylish and compact car, Honda Jazz is a vehicle loaded with features which leads to its slightly higher price tag. There are several sensors such as lane departure notification, forward collision warning, and parking sensors which makes maneuvering the vehicle easy. It features the City Brake Active System which prevents accidents or knocks at a low speed. Honda Jazz combines pragmatism and style, making its new release highly anticipated. Hyundai i10 Best hatchbacks of 2018, Hyundai, The eye-catchy exterior and surprisingly spacious interiors of the Hyundai i10 make it a top contender for anyone who is looking at cars for sale. Fitted with a new audio and entertainment system, the i10 is more than just a starter car. It has advanced safety features and performs exceptionally well on city roads. Kia Rio Best hatchbacks of 2018, Kia Rio, Kia has finally stepped up its game and this edition of the Rio makes it a highly competitive option in its group. Rio will be the first car to include Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) with pedestrian recognition as standard. A top-of-the-class entertainment system and a competitive price make it an entry to look forward to. Nissan Qashqai Best hatchbacks of 2018, Nissan, A truly unique design which is a blend of a traditional hatchback, a 4×4, and a people carrier make the Nissan Qashqai stand out in the market. The 2019 range introduces a petrol engine which is more economical as well as environmentally safer. The Qashqai’s features and striking looks make it an ideal choice for families. In this economic environment, it isn’t feasible for everyone to purchase a new car which has led to the popularity of sites like Hertz Rent2Buy who offer used cars to consumers. Nevertheless, these five hatchbacks will be relatively lighter on your pockets. Their release has got the market excited for good reason and it is easy to foresee a bright 2019 for the automobile industry.  
 Best hatchbacks of 2018,
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