Ferrari P80 C
What Is The Ferrari P80 C And Can I Buy One?
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It’s a one-off Ferrari and no you can’t buy one. The Ferrari P80 C is a collaboration between a long-standing customer and Ferrari via the Ferrari Styling Centre. The private client wanted a unique Ferrari designed to his requirements and specifications. Work undertaken by the Ferrari Styling Centre is a bespoke service. Ferrari select individuals who are fully immersed into the culture of the brand. Collectors looking to make a fast profit are not welcome.

The P80 C is actually based on a 488 GT3 competition car. While we don’t know too much about the technical specification of the P80 C we can extrapolate what the performance figures may be.

So the Ferrari 488 GT3 4.4-litre V8 engine outputs close to 600bhp and 700Nm of torque and weighs 1,240kg, due to race regulations. Now the Ferrari P80 C is said to be faster, so we reckon an engine management software tune is worth another 60bhp because the road going version offers up 660bhp.

Ferrari P80 C BEV

The P80 C has better aerodynamics and road holding than the GT3 donor car, so says Ferrari. This is because the P80 C is a track car not beholden to race regulations. The only limits were the imagination. Indeed the chassis was lengthened to accommodate the envisioned design.

Ferrari P80 C

Design inspiration was drawn from the 1960’s but to us the P80/C reminds us of the 288 GTO, especially the wrap-around windows.

Ferrari P80 C

No details have emerged regarding the price. But if you approach Ferrari to create a one-of-a-kind Ferrari then by definition it’s going to be expensive.

We reckon a starting price of around $7-12 million isn’t far off the mark. Whatever price the private client paid, you can be sure he doubled his money within 24hrs. That’s a fast profit.


Ferrari P80 C
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