Yellow trousers
The Force Is With Rebecca Jackson’s Yellow Trouser’s During Seat Tarraco Review

We’re not going to question Rebbecca Jackson’s motive to wear yellow trousers. And we are not here to dispense fashion advice to someone whom we consider to be the Queen, Empress of car reviewers. And Mrs Jackson needs no advice from us. But we have all been there… we see an item of clothing and for some reason, it triggers a “need mechanism”. This “need mechanism” kicks in and blocks out all sensible thought, and the credit card is the real victim here.

The deed is done the purchase is made. Whether it’s the yellow trousers or Autogefuhl wearing his wife’s blouse. From time to time we all suffer a wardrobe malfunction. During my time here on this planet, I to have suffered many wardrobe fashion malfunctions.

This is a growing problem specific to the western world where we are judged on looks and not by character or content. One day Mrs. Jackson will look back on this day and exclaim unto herself… something.

And what has this got to do with the Seat Tarraco? We’re merely word filling because we’ve run out of ideas.

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Yellow trousers
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