Whatcar? Cocaine SUV review dailycarblog.com
Whatcar? Gets High on Equivalent of Cocaine of SUV Reviews

Our lawyer has instructed us to point out that none of the individuals involved in the making of this Whatcar? video is high any class A drug… The reason why we often use cocaine as a kind-of running gag is that many of the middle-class people who buy such vehicles are high on cocaine. That’s a rather stimulating fact, the Guardian reported that “Britain is a cocaine loving country”.

A mass review such as the one featured in the video is an acknowledgment from the auto industry. It is acceptance, and for the auto reviewer it is validation, you have become part of the auto industry establishment. And it’s kind-of-like a stimulant for those participating in the review.

And like taking cocaine doing these reviews is an instant high followed later by classic withdrawal symptoms. Not that we would know, our only experience is from watching the movie The French Connection. We don’t know where we’re going with this post we really don’t.

Errm… from an ethical perspective we’ve got to start talking about these issues… we’ve just received a high court writ.

Whatcar? Cocaine SUV review dailycarblog.com
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