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How To Overcome Nerves As A Newly Qualified Driver

Passing your driving test is such a relief and one you’ve likely been working towards for some time now. Some of us manage to pass the first time, and some need a few more tries. Neither makes us a worse or better driver because driving on the road comes with its own challenges when you’ve not got an instructor by your side. We can often feel nervous or anxious about driving when we’ve only just passed, so here are some tips to overcome nerves as a newly qualified driver.

Take It Easy For The First Few Trips
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For the first few drives, try to take it easy. You don’t want to be driving down the highway or making a long road trip on your first time out as a new driver. Although this is something you can do, your first trip out should be fairly easy. Save those longer and more challenging journeys for when you’ve been on the road and on your own for a few months. For the first dozen of times driving, take it easy and only do what is necessary and try not to push yourself into scenarios that can be quite challenging. Do what you find comfortable for the time being and then build on that as you become more comfortable with driving alone and without that familiar presence of an instructor.

Make Sure You Have Insurance Before Driving


Before you start driving and living out that freedom that only comes with owning a car, you first want to make sure it’s fully insured. As it’s a legal requirement, without insurance, you put yourself and others at risk. And for you, it could be a law that you’re breaking, and that could incur your license being revoked and potentially serving some time in prison or community service. Neither of these should be happening as a new driver, so look into auto insurance and work out what the best option is for you at the most reasonable price. Insurance can be expensive, but it’s worth having it when it comes to your health. You can use plenty of comparison websites to find those insurance providers who are going to charge less but still provide the right cover that you need.

Plan Out Your Journey


Planning out a journey is a great way of removing as many of those nerves as possible. Especially when you’re traveling to someplace new, the thought of it can be a little daunting. We now thankfully have access to Sat Navs, which can provide us with a helping hand to get from A to B efficiently and without too many mistakes. So before each journey, either use a Sat Nav or plan out your journey before getting in the car. This will help ease off that pressure and is one less thing to worry about. That way, you can just focus on the most important part, which is driving!

Remember You Passed For A Reason


Driving is something that seems hard when you first start out, but it’s good to be aware that no matter how nervous you feel or question your own driving ability, you passed your test for a reason. This isn’t a test like you’d get in primary school, where the teachers pass you because they feel like you worked hard. No, it’s much more difficult, and you may have been someone who took a few attempts before they passed. Remember, you passed, and that should give you the confidence you need in order to drive knowing that you are good enough.

Practice Breathing Techniques To Keep Calm

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It might seem pointless because breathing is what we do to live, but practicing certain breathing techniques can keep you feeling calm and less nervous. When it comes to your breathing, it changes when we’re in fear, and so being able to focus on breathing normally will definitely help you to feel more like yourself when you’re in front of the wheel.

Overcoming the nerves as a new driver will take a little time. Be patient with yourself and try not to get yourself worked up or put yourself under too much pressure in your first couple of months as a new driver.

New driver top tips,
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