Tavarish exhumes dead Range Rover dailycarblog.com
YouTuber Exhumes Buried Range Rover… but why?

YouTuber Tavarish exhumes a dead Range Rover one year after it was buried by Hoovies Garage. Hoovies Garage bought and owned the Range Rover but it proved to be so unreliable, requiring multiple fixes after multiple fixes, Hoovie-dude Youtube man decided to bury it out of sheer exasperation.

Hoovies Garage Youtube man (Tyler Hoover) buried the 2004 spec Range Rover because repairing it would cost $8,000. But at the end of the fix, it’s value would only be $4,000. So Hoovie-dude determined that burying the dying Range Rover was the cheaper option.

One year later YouTuber Tavarish decides to dig the Range Rover out of the ground. Why? we have no idea. As expected being buried for a year meant the vehicle was in effect an automotive corpse. Which can also be said of “living” Range Rovers.

The weight of being buried under tonnes of mud snapped the suspension. Unsurprisingly the Range Rover is completely dead. Dead or alive, just another typical Range Range experience.

Tavarish exhumes dead Range Rover dailycarblog.com
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