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Sony Reveals Electric Car Concept At CES2020

The annual CES2020 – consumer electronics show – is currently in full swing over at Las Vegas. We were due to attend but couldn’t make it… because we can not afford it right now but let’s hope for a better 2020! Anyway, CES2020 is all about consumer gadgets TVs, audio, internet AI, etc. Ove the last few years auto manufacturers have realised the valuable marketing CES can provide. 

However, no one expected Sony to reveal a concept car in the form of the Vision S concept. It’s an electric car – of course – thin on details but packed full of audio-visual technology. And also the latest safety tech and automated AI.

Will Sony become an auto manufacturer? No. The Vision S concept is purely a product demo, a statement of intent not as a car manufacturer but for future in-car audio-visual technology. As an example, Ford is a big adopter of Sony’s in-car tech. Nice car concept though.

CES2020 - Sony Vision S Concept - Dailycarblog.com
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