2024 tesla Model 3 Performance Review - by MKBHD
MKBHD Reviews The New Tesla Model 3 Performance

Similar to its predecessor, the old Tesla Model 3 Performance, this latest iteration retains its dual electric motors and all-wheel-drive system. While it lacks the Plaid-esque tri-motor configuration, it still boasts substantial power under the hood.

When combined, you’ll now enjoy 510hp, and despite the bump in power, the 0-60mph time remains unchanged, with the Model 3 Performance completing the sprint in the same impressive 2.9 seconds as before and a top speed of 163mph.

The Tesla Model 3 Performance is performance almost akin to the Porsche 911 Turbo in terms of firepower but is priced at £60,000. It’s worth noting that the 911 Turbo commands a hefty retail price of £160,000.

2024 tesla Model 3 Performance Review - by MKBHD
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