The Batman car scene explained by a movie nerd
The Batman Car Scene Explained
The Batman car scene is perfect according to YouTuber Heavy Spoilers. Heavy praise indeed considering Christian Bale’s portrayal of Batman is considered peerless. However, movie nerds and Batman nerds are a difficult crowd to please. When Robert Pattinson was named the new Batman, nerds across the world thought… Harry Potter? Anyway, Heavy Spoilers believes that the car scene, car chase in The Batman is an incredible bit of filmmaking. The car is the best of all Batmobiles ever featured in the Batman movie series. Indeed, identifying the new Batmobile has been a difficult task. Although it appears to be a 1970s muscle car it is a completely bespoke build, referencing muscle cars of yore. However, we do know that the base of the car rests on a Dodge Charger.The Batman car scene explained by a movie nerd
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