WhistlinDiesel And The Jet Powered Monstermax
WhistlinDiesel Rebuilds Monstermax Into A Jet Powered Hillbilly Pickup

If you assumed Monstermax met its demise, think again. But hold that thought… or rather, don’t. For not thinking is the driving force behind WhistlinDiesel’s mindset. In its last appearance, Monstermax met a spectacular demise with the suspension collapsing after WhistlinDiesel pushed it to the… max.

Reborn from the ashes, Monstermax emerges anew, boasting a jet engine, the purpose remains shrouded in mystery, except for the fact that it can be done. Welcome to the realm of WhistlinDiesel—where logic may take a backseat, yet with 5.7 million views, it’s hard to argue against its appeal.

WhistlinDiesel And The Jet Powered Monstermax
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