Drifter Conquers Mulholland Highway
Take one Scion TC Drift Car, a stretch of the Mulholland Highway (a scenic 50 mile road in Los Angeles County, California, to the western Santa Monica) and a human being crazy enough to drift a V8 powered, 600bhp, rear wheel drive beast through some perilous looking corners.
His name is Tanner Foust, a professional racing driver, stunt driver, and television host. Foust is obviously doing this to please a sponsor, the video was recorded back in the day, 2010, but its impact is no less full of Kung Fu Panda inspired awesomeness to this day.
Mulholland Highway has become one of America’s legendary driving routes, just don’t mention Route 66, that highway is used mainly by truckers, gangland murderers, serial killers and hillbillies.
Foust isn’t as crazy as he looks, he earned a degree molecular biology which makes him ever so slightly less crazy, “That-there boy’s dun guud”,
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