Coronavirus is less of a threat than the Hyundai Sonata -
Hyundai Sonata Recall Issued, Becomes Bigger Threat To Public Health Than Coronavirus
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If you think the Coronavirus is deadly then think again. Hyundai of America is issuing a recall of Sonata sedans, the model years affected are 2013-2014. The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) found that a fuel line has the potential to develop a small crack over time. There is a serious possibility of the fuel line rupturing. Very obviously leaking fuel can lead to a fire.

So Hyundai has been forced, kicking and screaming against its will, to issue a recall of over 207,000 Sonatas. Look at the Sonata recall another way, the Coronavirus is estimated to cause a death toll of 100,000. A basic logical extrapolation concludes that the Hyundai Sonata is a bigger threat to life than the Coronavirus.

But don’t panic if you own a 2013-2014 Sonata because Hyundai sure isn’t worried. They are still investigating the causes of the fix and evaluating how best to remedy the situation. Those at risk will be sent notifications in April.

Meanwhile, Hyundai has issued advice, if Sonata owners smell fuel then that’s a sure-fire way – no pun intended – to know you have a cracked fuel pipe. As usual, this is another demonstration of Hyundai keeping their finger firmly up their arse.

Coronavirus is less of a threat than the Hyundai Sonata -
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